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Share these best poems that are encouraging. Poetry that is full of well wishes for many different occasions. A poem is a great addition to use during a toast, to send in a card or even a gift.

Use our best poems to express your feelings of all the best, congratulations, or send a best poem to brighten someone's day. We have collected as many original poems here for you to view and use in cards, presents, or for parties. We hope you find the verses ones that you can use and others will enjoy

Best Wishes / Best Poems

Best poems have so many uses, all of which are great. Browse through our pages, find one that fits the occasion & the date!


  1. A Boy's Mother

  2. A Different Kind Of Bridal Shower

  3. A Good Father

  4. A Good Wedding Cake

  5. A Little Extra Sugar

  6. A Marriage Like Yours

  7. A Mother As Wonderful As Mine

  8. A Simpler Christmas Time

  9. A Snowy Christmas

  10. A Valentine To My Mother

  11. Advice For A Marriage

  12. An Ode to Old Age

  13. B

  14. Be Patient With Your Mother

  15. birthday poems
  16. Birthday Poems

  17. 75th Birthday Poems

  18. 80th Birthday Poems

  19. Birthday Greeting Poems

  20. Birthday Poems For Daughter

  21. Birthday Poems For A Friend

  22. Birthday Poems for Kids

  23. Birthday Poems for Mom

  24. Birthday Poems For Sister

  25. Happy Birthday Brother Poems

  26. Funny Birthday Poems

  27. Funny Birthday Poems For Sister

  28. Milestone Birthday Poems

  29. Blaming God

  30. Blessed By The Hands Of God

  31. Blessings To Come

  32. Blistfully Happy

  33. Bridal Shower Poems

  34. C

  35. Celebrating You

  36. Challenges Of Retirement

  37. christian poems
  38. Christian Poems

  39. Christmas

  40. Christmas Countdown

  41. Christmas Day

  42. Christmas Love

  43. Christmas Magic

  44. Christmas poems
  45. Christmas Poems

  46. Christmas Poems For Kids

  47. Christmas In Heaven Poems

  48. Congrats To The Bride & Groom

  49. D

  50. Death Is Nothing At All

  51. E

  52. Easter Poems

  53. Engagement Poems

  54. F

  55. Father Of The Year

  56. Fathers Day Poem

  57. Poems On Faith

  58. Funeral Poems

  59. G

  60. Poems About God

  61. God The Maker

  62. Goodbye My Friend

  63. graduation poems
  64. Graduation Poems

  65. Grief

  66. H

  67. Heaven Poems

  68. I

  69. I Believe in Santa

  70. I Know Now

  71. I Know You’re Listening

  72. I Miss You Poems

  73. I Miss You So, Sometimes

  74. poems that inspire
  75. Poems That Inspire

  76. Irish Blessing

  77. It's About You

  78. It's Your Time To Shine

    poems on life
  1. Poems on Life

  2. Love’s Philosophy

  3. M

  4. Many Things To Be Thankful For

  5. Marriage Poems

  6. May God Bless You

  7. Memorial Poems

  8. Merry Christmas

  9. Merry Christmas One And All

  10. Miss Me, But Let Me Go

  11. Mom Poems

  12. Morning Prayer

  13. My Biggest Blessing

  14. My Seventy-Fifth Birthday

  15. N

  16. Never Marry But For Love

  17. new year poems
  18. New Year Poems

  19. Now Is The Time

  20. O

  21. Poems About Getting Older

  22. Out Of Reach

  23. P

  24. Past Christmas Moments

  25. Pet Loss Poems

  26. Plaint of the Forsaken

  27. Prayer Poems

  28. Punch's Christmas Carol

  29. R

  30. Re-Calibrate The World

  31. Remember

  32. Retirement Finale

  33. Retirement Poems

  34. Retirement Poems For Coworkers

  35. Retirement Poems For Friends

  36. Retirement Sorrows

  37. S

  38. Safely Home

  39. Selfishness

  40. Soon To Be Mrs. Right

  41. Sweetheart

  42. T

  43. The Best Letter

  44. The Honest Man

  45. The Honest Man's Fate

  46. The Maker

  47. The Marriage I Want For You

  48. The Mountains

  49. The One Person

  50. Time To Cheer

  51. Times Have Changed

  52. To Me You’re All Around

  53. To Miss. . .Of. . .

  54. To Mother

  55. To Mother In Heaven

  56. To The Memory

  57. Together And Independent

  58. Trust God Poems

  59. U

  60. Up There In Heaven

  61. W

  62. We Celebrate You And Your Chosen One

  63. We're So Thankful

  64. Wedding Poems

  65. Wedding Anniversary Poems

  66. What Christmas Is Not About

  67. When I Am Dead, My Dearest

  68. Why Marriage

  69. Wish I Could Give You The World

  70. Wish You The Best

  71. Wishes For Life Long Love

  72. Wish Poems

  73. Without You

  74. Working Together

  75. Y

  76. You And To-Day

  77. You'll Be

  78. You'll Find Your Way

  79. Your New Life Begins

Poem Of The Week

Poet: Frances Angermayer

Look, God, I have never spoken to You.
But now — I want to say, "how do You do."
You see, God, they told me You didn't exist.
And like a fool — I believed all of this.

Last night from a shell-hole I saw Your sky —
l figured right then, they had told me a lie.
Had I taken time to see the things You made.
I'd known they weren't calling a spade a spade.

I wonder, God, if You'd shake my hand.
Somehow — I feel that You will understand.
Funny, — I had to come to this hellish place,
Before I had the time to see Your Face,

Well, I guess there isn't much more to say.
But I'm sure glad, God, I met You today.
I guess the "zero hour" will soon be here.
But I’m not afraid since I know You're near.

The signal! — Well, God — I'll have to go,
I like You lots, — This I want You to know.
Look, now — this will be a horrible fight.
Who knows — I may come to Your House tonight.

Though I wasn't friendly with You before
I wonder, God — if You'd wait at Your Door.
Look — I'm crying! Me! — Shedding tears!
I wish I’d known You these many years.

Well, I will have to go now, God — goodbye.
Strange — since I met You — I'm not afraid to die.

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