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There are many times in our lives that the thought, I wish you were here, crosses our minds. During these times it brings a little sadness knowing that our loved ones are not with us, but a little gladness knowing that they too would be wishing they were there. Whether you are the person wishing for things to be different, or someone you know, below you will find messages, poems and even sayings about wishing for people who cannot be with us during an important time in our life.

Wish You Were Here Messages:

    Missing you today

  1. My life and many others have been filled with sadness since you left, and I truly wish I could bring you back, even if it was just for this one special day. Missing you today!
    Wedding Speeches

  2. The excitement in your life never ceases to amaze me. I know how much you wished your ________ could be here to celebrate with you, but not to worry because they are cheering for you up in heaven.
    Graduation Wishes

  3. May you feel the love that surrounds you today

  4. May you feel the love that surrounds you today.
    May you feel the love of those who cannot be here.
    And may you know that those who are away would want nothing more than to be here with you on this special day.
    Wedding Blessings

  5. It's hard to say a final goodbye knowing that you will never see that person again. Knowing in your heart that their memory will never fade I hope will bring you some comfort.
    Condolence Message

  6. May your day continue to follow your 

  7. Congratulations on getting this far. May your day continue to follow your dreams and may I say how incredibly proud your _______ would be to see you today.
    Wedding Toasts

  8. A new year, a new chapter in our lives is exciting and even inspiring. Let us remember those who are not with us and be grateful for the time we shared.
    New Year Wishes

  9. There are many people who I know, you would have wanted here with you today. I am sorry they could not be here with you. However, I do know many people who not only wanted to be here with you, but are and are super excited to celebrate this special occasion!
    Irish Wedding Toasts

  10. My life is not complete without you in it.

  11. My life is not complete without you in it. I miss you so much. Until the day we meet again.
    I Miss You Quotes

  12. Today you celebrate a special day and this may not have been the way you wanted too. But here you are, celebrating away. Making the best out of an unfavourable situation!
    Wedding Anniversary Wishes

  13. If you were here with us, I know you would be excited and ready for the next step. Seeing that life through us a twist, know that I am celebrating for you and hope to see you again soon.
    Get Well Wishes

  14. Wish You Were Here Poems:

    I pray that someday I will see you again

  15. I Pray
    I pray that someday I wonít miss you as much,
    I pray that someday my pain wonít be a crutch.
    I pray that someday I will no longer look in the crowd,
    Looking to see if you are one of the ones who looked proud.

    I pray that someday I wonít wish you were here.
    Although that will never be true, I always wish you were here.
    I pray that someday I will see you again,
    I pray this because I love you, Amen.
    I Miss You Poems

  16. The One We Call Mom
    Sometimes our lives do not go our way,
    It leaves us broken and going astray.
    We are needing comfort and words that are calm.
    The only one who can do that, is the one we call mom.

    But life throws us curve balls and leads us another way,
    We donít all get our mom, sometimes she has to go away.
    We do our best to remember her teachings and live as she would,
    All we want is to make her proud and be so very good.

    There will be days of anguish and days we are sad,
    Those days we will wish she was here and we get mad.
    Someday in the distance, we will find her again,
    And that day will be glorious and filled with zen.
    Mom Poems

  17. The Light In Distance
    There are many occasions that will come your way,
    And you will feel a bit of empty on this day.
    That feeling of emptiness can have a positive light,
    There is someone away who wishes they could take flight.

    There is someone who wishes they could find their way to you,
    Not everyone has a person wanting to be with them, like you.
    You may not have them with you on special days like today,
    But know how much they love you and wish they werenít far away.
    Wedding Poems

  18. Uncertainty
    A marriage is strong when there are,
    Two individuals who are committed and strong,
    They are committed and loyal,
    And vowed to be together lifelong.

    But as we all know,
    Life sometimes takes control.
    The life we had imagined,
    We no longer feel whole.

    So treasure your choices,
    And share your love supply.
    You never know when,
    It will be time to say goodbye.
    Marriage Poems

  19. Wish You Were Here Quotes:

    Missing someone is an awful empty feeling

  20. Missing someone is an awful empty feeling that I wish I could help others to never have to feel.

  21. I wish there was a way to make sure no one ever has to wish someone was there. Nothing stopped anyone from showing up for the ones they loved.

  22. I wish life never left you missing anyone. I wish I never knew what missing someone felt like.

  23. There are many times in my life that I find myself wishing you were here. But I know in my heart that you are still here. It may not be in the same way, but you're here and I know it!

  24. Wishing for things that we cannot change is crazy and stupid. Although we all know this, it doesn't stop us from doing it again and again.

  25. I can't get the time I spend missing you back and besides the fact I wish I didn't have to miss you, knowing that wishing for your return keeps your memory alive, will keep me wishing for you to be here with me for a long time.


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We hope that you were able to find a quote, poem or message that states how much you wish your loved one was here. As you are important to others, others will always be important to you. You will always be here for them, and they will always be here for you.

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