Wedding Gift Ideas


There are many gifts under 100 dollars just waiting to be found.  You can go more the traditional route of purchasing something off of their gift registry picking items under 100 dollars or combining a few less expensive gifts to make a gift of or under 100 dollars.  However you decided to purchase your gift, it will be a nice gesture to send along with your wedding wishes.


Some helpful ideas of items under 100 dollars that you may find to be a very nice wedding gift if you decide you would rather not choose something off of their gift registry:


There are many different options of wedding gifts under 100 dollars.  There are also some more creative options too:


But probably the easiest and safest option, especially if you have no idea what they would like or if they are someone who has just about everything already, you might find it easier to just take a look at their gift registry and purchase something they need.  Something that is practical and will be useful to them for years to come.  But whichever way you decided on how you want to purchase their gift, keep in mind they will be grateful for anything you purchase for them.  So, dont put too much pressure on yourself to find the perfect gift under 100.


You may want to use some love proverbs for any handmade gifts.


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