Together And Independent

Some people worry about losing themselves to another when marriage is put on the table. This poem discusses the fact that we do not have to lose our independance when we get married. We can have a successful marriage as well as continuing to be who we are and do the things we love.

May this day be filled with love,
And the only tears shed be of joy.
Youíve grown up, and your dreams have come true,
Thereís now so much more to life than just toys.

Life from now on will not be about you,
It'll be of two souls becoming one.
Together you will discover greatness,
And have the most fun.

Together you will be always,
Except when you need time for you.
Every great marriage and union grows stronger,
When you are still able to be true to you.

So make every moment together,
Count in every possible way.
And don't loose your own independence,
The balance will make a strong marriage every day.
Julie Hebert

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