Soon To Be Mrs. Right

Use this poem to send your congratulations to the new bride to be, by sending her many different blessings for her marriage to come.

You were single once, but not for much longer,
Soon you will be Mrs. Right.
Mr. Right will be everything you have wished for,
May your marriage be blessed with light.

May your marriage be made of greatness,
May it shine through to all that see.
May those you encounter be envious,
May you always be filled with glee.

May every morning feel like the first time,
May every evening give you a sense of lust.
May endings never come to either of you,
And may they never need to be discussed.

I wish you many blessings,
In marriage, life and love.
There is only one who can offer,
Here's to the one high above.
Julie Hebert

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