This Irish poem of Thanksgiving is a person giving thanks for all they have. They are thankful for their safety, wealth, friendships, etc and prays for thanks to the God they know has made these things happen. Happy for both being not too high and not too low as being in the middle is a good thing and a thing to be greatful for.

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I THANK God when I kneel to pray
That mine is still the middle way,

Set in a safe and sweet estate
Between the little and the great;

Not troubled with wealth's cares nor yet
Too poor where needs that cark and fret

Push out sweet leisure and green nooks,
And give no chance for talk and books.

I take my middle way between
The mansion and a lodging mean.

My cottage at the country's edge
Hath sweetbriar growing in its hedge,

Honesty, heartsease and sweet-peas,
Herb-bennet, love-in-idleness.

Give me a tree, a well, a hive,
And I can save my soul alive,

Yet be as poor in spirit as
The Poverello's Lady was.

I covet not soft silk or lace
Nor any lovely lady's face ;

Nor yet would go in hodden grey ;
But lawns and wool be my array.

I still may ask a friend to dine
And set him meat and pour him wine ;

Nor count the coins within my purse
To see that I am nothing worse.

I thank God that my middle place
Is set amid much pleasantness.

And not too high and not too low
The safe, untroubled path I go.
Katharine Tynan

Its so true that sometimes, being too high or too low puts you in a unsafe or difficult situation. We should all strive to be in the middle. It is a safe zone, giving you everything you need and even some wants. Sometimes we can get carried away with trying to be the best and always bettering ourselves when really, where we are are actually pretty great already. More of us need to be happy where we are and with what we already have and give thanks to God for providing it all!

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