Give Thanks For All Things

This poems talks about how there are things all around us that we do not give a second thought to give thanks for. We tend to focus on the big things in life and forget about the little things that bring us happiness and comfort. Yes most of these things we can live without, and a lot of people do, but if you are lucky enough to have these things in your possession, make sure you give thanks for them!

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Our lives are filled with things to be thankful for,
Yet most are never acknowledged.
The little things all around us get missed,
Be thankful for all things, not just our home, car or going to college.

Be thankful for the small things we take for granted,
Our pillows and blankets, toothbrush and grocery list.
All of these things are worth appreciation,
For without them, they would be missed.

Take a look around you at this very moment,
What things do you see?
Somethings yes you could live without,
But they bring you so much glee.

So even though you can live without some things,
The happiness they bring is a must.
Be thankful for all the things in your life,
Give Thanksgiving in all we've discussed.
Julie Hebert

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