Out Of Reach

Some of us have blessings in our lives that are out of reach and not being close, it can be hard to miss them. This poem talks about missing your out of reach blessings.

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My life is filled with many blessings,
Some surround me every day, and some do not.
I miss my far away blessings,
And hope one day to be reunited with the ones I sought.

Blessings come and go in life,
But many stay the same.
Even when they are out of reach,
They are still mine to claim.

I miss my missing blessings,
My heart aches for them to be close.
But one thing that will never change,
I will always love them most.

So my blessing, who are out of reach,
I wish you blessings that would cover a beach.
May your blessings come in abundance,
And may they never be out of reach.
Julie Hebert

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