My Biggest Blessing

If you are one of the lucky ones, this poem will speak to you. Having a mother in our lives that we truely care about and are thankful for is one of the biggest blessings someone can have. This poem also mentions having a great father. This paragraph could be removed if you were looking for a solely mother poem.

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I am thankful for many things in my life,
One of which is my mother.
She gives me everything that I need and more,
I would never choose another.

She has always taught me how to be thankful,
For all blessings, not one or the other.
I know what my biggest blessing is though,
Its my family, my father and my mother.

My mother, she is my strengh,
The one I look up to the most.
She taught me how to be a good person,
I know we will always be close.

My father, he holds my heart,
Unlike any other man ever will.
He is fun and goofy like all dads should be,
Always found cooking a mean steak on the grill.

I have so many other blessings,
Many more within my family alone.
But my parents, they will always be with me,
Espeically when I create a family of my own.
Julie Hebert

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