19 Mom Poems

Whether it be mothers day or your moms birthday or just because, a mom poems is always a nice way to reach out to your mom and share your love. Find several poems about moms here to help you in your search.

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  1. My Biggest Blessing
    I am thankful for many things in my life,
    One of which is my mother.
    She gives me everything that I need and more,
    I would never choose another...Read the remainder of My Biggest Blessing

  2. To Mother In Heaven
    I miss you my mother, my mother.
    Tho’ earth is so bright and so fair,
    Tho’ June has come romping in splendor,
    With sunshine and roses so rare...Continue reading To Mother In Heaven

  3. A Boy's Mother
    My mother she's so good to me,
    Ef I was good as I could be,
    I couldn't be as good-no, sir.-
    Can't any boy be good as her...Read the remainder of A Boy's Mother

  4. I've got a mother with a heart that's true; Who does the things that mothers do; 
	And her for, God, I do thank you -- What a wonderful thing - a Mother!

  5. To Mother
    Some years ago a poem I read,
    And I classed it with any other,
    Just a poem, the title read -
    “What a wonderful thing – a Mother!"...Find the remainder of To Mother here

  6. A Mother As Wonderful As Mine
    I've seen the mothers of many,
    Some who should never have been.
    But a child innocent and wishful,
    Does not get to choose a motherly queen...Read more of A Mother As Wonderful As Mine

  7. The Best Letter
    You may write a thousand letters tot he maiden you adore,
    And declare in ever letter that you love her more and more;
    You may praise her grace and beauty in a thousand glowing lines
    And compare her eyes of azure with the brightest start that shines...Continue reading The Best Letter

  8. She who tried to make others happy though she had to grin and bear...

  9. A Mother
    In this world’s gay throng of fashion, oft we meet with ladies grand,
    With fame and style and oh such beauty sculptured by rare nature’s hand.
    Mingled with their cultured talents and their cunningness to please
    Lurk the charms that please so many men of all – degrees.
    Thus we learn to cherish them dearly, also father, sister, sweetheart, brother;
    But grander visions loom to memory when we hear the name of mother.

    She who toiled so long and faithful yet had pleasant smiles to wear
    She who tried to make others happy though she had to grin and bear;
    Many burdens tried her patience as they came anew each day,
    With the same sweet smile that greeted us, as we would hear her say
    Consoling words to comfort, when all others were in vain,
    While we loved to have her near us, whene’re we were in pain.

    We learn to honor these kind deeds mostly after she is gone,
    And her gray hair lies mouldering beneath some grassy lawn.
    ‘Tis then we long for one short look into that dear old face,
    And for one brief spell, just those careworn marks to trace,
    So wandering down life’s weary stream we are asking one another
    If there’s any human being that can take the place of mother.

    But, ah! She like the flowers doth bloom and fade;
    Too soon she departs to the realms of shade,
    Though after she withers and goes back to dust,
    We do not forget her but long for her thus.
    Home, home, sweet, sweet home, is lisped from one shore to the other;
    Mother, mother, dear, sweet mother, what is home without a mother.
    Harry G. Cole

  10. Only A Day With Mother’s
    Say, Time, I’ve a bargain to make with you;
    Take one whole year of roses and rue,
    Give me a day in its place –
    A day you will find in the past somewhere.
    With sunshine and springtime and all things fair
    Centered in one sweet face.

    O Time, you have cheated me through the years,
    Stolen my laughter and left me your tears,
    While signs I must vainly smother.
    My life is sad ‘neath its load of woe,
    My days are gray and the years move slow –
    Give me one glad day with mother.

    For I know bright hours would come again,
    Joy would conquer my heart’s strong pain,
    Could a boon be mine like this,
    My youth’s illusions, now lost and dead,
    Would return with her touch on my aching head,
    And the world grow new with her kiss.

    One whole year of shadow and night –
    What a bargain is this for one day of light!
    You will never find such another.
    Take what you will of sorrow and bloom,
    Call back a voice from the silent tomb –
    Give me a day with mother.
    Ella Z. Harris

  11. Times Have Changed
    Mother, you have always been someone I could count on,
    To be there even though your day is slam packed with to do's.
    I hope this big event in your life allows you,
    To be able to sit back and relax and show up, just because you want to...Read more of Times Have Changed

  12. Name that means rest and tenderness our lips can frame no other - so precious that 'tis half divine - 
	the blessed name of mother

  13. The One Dear Name
    Name that tis breathed on battlefields,
    And from the dying bed;
    Name that we chisel on the stone
    Above our holiest dead;
    Name that twe lisped in infancy,
    The first we learned to call;
    Name that endures when memory
    Can naught but that recall;
    Name that means rest and tenderness
    Our lips can frame no other –
    So precious that ‘tis half divine –
    The blessed name of Mother

  14. Hundreds of starts in the pretty sky,
    Hundreds of shells on the shore together;
    Hundreds of birds that go singing by,
    Hundreds of bees in the sunny weather.

    Hundreds of dewdrops to greet the dawn,
    Hundreds of lambs in the purple clover;
    Hundreds of lambs in the purple clover;
    Hundreds of butterflies on the lawn,
    But only one mother the world over.
    George Cooper

  15. He moved the gates of Heaven apart, and gave to earth - a mother.

  16. A Mother
    God thought to give the sweetest thing,
    In His mighty power,
    And deeply pondering what it should be – one hour
    In fondest joy and love of heart, outweighing every other,
    He moved the gates of Heaven apart, and gave to earth – a Mother.
    G. Newell Lovejoy

  17. I. Believe me when beauty shall fade and depart.
    And the golden locks silver to gray,
    Thou, “Mother o’ Mine” shall still reign in my heart.
    Its queen as thou reignest today.
    Every precept for good, ev’ry aim for the right.
    Thou hast deeply instilled in my heart;
    Thou hast taught me the tempter to shun and to fight,
    And ne’er from right ways to depart.

    II. Thou hast taught me to walk in the old-fashioned way,
    That will lead me at last up above,
    For thy sons and thy daughters thou ever dost pray,
    That their hearts may be filled with God’s love.
    Ne’er on earth shalt thy life find its true, rich reward.
    But as truly as God reigns on high
    Thou shall meet Him, and hear His sweet meet welcome -
    “Well done.” In the land of the “Sweet Bye and Bye.”
    Pauline P. Arnold

  18. Be Patient With Your Mother
    Do not speak cross to your mother, though your angry heart may break.
    For you do not know the hours she has suffered for your sake
    And you cannot tell what moment that her earthly sun may set,
    Then for every cross word spoken you will carry a regret...Read the remainder of Be Patient With Your Mother

  19. A Valentine To My Mother
    All the Robin Redbreasts
    Have lived the winter through,
    Jenny Wrens have pecked their fill
    And found a work to do...Continue reading A Valentine To My Mother

Mother's Day Poem:

If you are looking for a poem that specifically mentions Mothers Day, then the following poems will likely be more of what you are looking for.

  1. Wish I Could Give You The World
    A swipe of a tear and a squeeze of my hand,
    Are some comforts you brought to me.
    The love that I felt each and every day,
    You have always brought me so much glee...Read more of Wish I Could Give You The World

  2. I Know Now
    To my mother on mothers day,
    I feel the need to apoligize.
    I know now, how raising me must have been,
    I really hope there were less lows than highs...Finish I Know Now

  3. The White Carnation
    Here’s to the white carnation,
    Sturdy and spicy and sweet,
    Wafting a breath of perfume
    On the stony way of the street;
    Bringing a freight of gladness
    Whenever the breezes blow;
    Here’s to the white carnation,
    Pure as the virgin snow.

    This is the flower for mother,
    Wear it on Mothers’ Day;
    Flower for rain and sunshine,
    Winsome, gallant and gay,
    Wear it in mother’s honor,
    Pinned to the coat’s lapel;
    Wear it in belt and courage,
    For her that you love so well.

    For mother in lowly cabin,
    Or mother in palace hall,
    Is ever the truest and dearest,
    And ever the best of all.
    In travail and pain she bore us,
    In laughter and love she nursed,
    And who that would shame the mother
    Is of all mankind accursed.

    Tired and wan to often,
    Weary and weak at times,
    But always full of the courage
    That thrills when the future chimes.
    Mother with hands toil-hardened,
    Mother in pearls and lace,
    The light of heavenly beauty
    Shines in her tender face.

    So here’s to the white carnation,
    Wear it on Mothers’ Day;
    Flower that blooms for mother,
    Winsome, gallant and gay.
    Flower of a perfect sweetness,
    Flower for hut and hall,
    Here’s to the white carnation,
    And to mother – our best of all.
    Margaret E. Sangster

  4. Dear, faithful motherhood, so great and true, We never shall forget to honor you.

  5. ‘Tis Mother’s Day we celebrate,
    ‘Tis Mother’s Day we are making great,
    ‘Tis mother’s name we emulate,
    On this bright, lovely day in May,
    Oh may our lives devoted be,
    Our memories hold her lovingly,
    Dear, patient motherhood, so good and true
    We never shall forget to honor you.

    From childhood’s time to manhood’s prime,
    Her love is felt in every chime,
    In trials deep, like mountains steep,
    Its soothing power is most sublime;
    When joys abide and success betide,
    She shares it all with wondrous pride;
    Dear, faithful motherhood, so great and true,
    We never shall forget to honor you.

The next poem is a great poem to personalize. You can replace the names, eye and hair colour to match your family and if you want to get really creative you can change even more of it. Don't forget to change all the pronouns(he, his, her, she...)

  1. Every day has been “Mother’s Day”
    Since her black-eyed first-born came to stay.
    Next came Arlie, a blue-eyed boy,
    Then rollicking Edna, brimful of joy.
    Then came Iva – child of grace,
    With her curly mop of hair and her solemn little face.
    Next came Ray – just a little wild,
    Then ‘long came white-haired “Angel Child”.
    Last came Alyne – always mother’s pet,
    She’s nearly grown now and just a baby yet.
    But when it comes to mothers – Say, we got the prize,
    In our pretty little mother, with her bright brown eyes.
    Blanche Merrill


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If we are one of the lucky ones, we were raised with an amazing woman for a mother. Never miss the chance to tell her how much you love her and don't take her for granted as someday, she may not be within reach.

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