Blessed By The Hands Of God

A poem that discusses your blessings and hopes for a newlywed couple is a wonderful thing to add to any card or gift.

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Your marriage will be blessed by the hands of God,
For he knows you belong together.
But blessings arenít always enough, words hard and be true,
Do your best to keep things light as a feather.

Try to take things with a grain of salt,
Don't let things get out of control.
Married life, if you let it, can be fabulous,
And that should always be your goal.

Enjoy the time you have together,
Its precious in every way.
May kindness flow between you two,
For this is what I pray.

Your marriage will be blessed by the hands of God,
In many different ways.
Be open and thankful for all that comes,
And be happy in all of your days.
Julie Hebert

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