7 Marriage Blessings

Use these marriage blessings for an upcoming wedding or for an anniversary. We always wish the best for the married couple and a blessing reminds them of how much happiness and love we wish for them.

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  1. A Marriage Blessing
    Poet: Ben Johnson

    May thy loves lasting be -
    Not only this, but every day of thine,
    With the same look, or with a better, shine.

    So be there never discontent, or sorrow,
    To rise with either of you on a morrow;
    So be your concord still as deep as mute,
    And every joy in marriage turn a fruit;
    So may thy marriage pledges comforts prove;
    So in their number may you never see
    Mortality, till you immortal be.
    And when your years rise more than would be told.
    Yet neither of you seem to the other old;
    That all that view you then and late may say,
    Sure this glad pair were married but this day.

  2. Blessed by The Hands of God
    Poet: Julie Hebert

    Your marriage will be blessed by the hands of God,
    For he knows you belong together.
    But blessings arent always enough, words hard and be true,
    Do your best to keep things light as a feather.

    Try to take things with a grain of salt,
    Don't let things get out of control.
    Married life, if you let it, can be fabulous,
    And that should always be your goal.

    Enjoy the time you have together,
    Its precious in every way.
    May kindness flow between you two,
    For this is what I pray.

    Your marriage will be blessed by the hands of God,
    In many different ways.
    Be open and thankful for all that comes,
    And be happy in all of your days.

  3. A Parent's Blessing
    Poet: Knowles

    Oh, if there be one hour which more
    Than any other craves a parent's presence
    , 'Tis that which gives his child away from him!
    She should go with his blessing warm upon her, breathed
    With an attesting kiss; then may she go
    With perfect hope, and cheerly take with her
    The benisons of all kind wishers else.

  4. May your lives together be full

  5. May Your Lives
    Poet: Unknown

    May your lives together be full,
    May your marriage withstand storms,
    May you always share your love,
    And may extraordinary be your norm.

  6. Sending You
    Poet: Unknown

    Sending many blessings your way
    A joyous event on this day.
    May the love you share never be far away,
    And may you enjoy every second of today.

  7. Blessing For The Bride
    Poet: Julie Hebert

    Oh, the marriage I want for you,
    To feel nothing like an animal caged in a zoo.
    But to feel like a wife who is wanted and loved,
    A relationship so close, it will fit like a glove.

    These relations are far and few,
    But it can certainly be for you.
    You need to be upfront with your man,
    Make sure he knows all about your plan.

    Work on your love every day,
    Don't take it for granted, that's not okay.
    Make sure you show love to your man,
    And do it often, as much as you can.

    I wish this is true from him to you,
    But remember you can only change you.
    Accept him for him and everything he is,
    If you get this all down, marriage will be a whiz!

    Oh, the marriage I want for you,
    Will be something in your view.
    May your marriage be true and strong,
    May you always feel like you belong.

  8. A Blessing
    Poet: C. A. Lynch

    May your marriage be blessed by God above
    May you always remember today's love
    May your home be filled with happiness
    May you never go to bed angry, always kiss
    May sunshine follow you both wherever you go
    And, may your love continue and grow.

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