A Different Kind Of Bridal Shower

Bridal showers are not a favourite amoung guests. They can be cheesy and sometimes not so fun but they don't have to be. If the bridal shower you are throwing is not like others, this poem may be a great way to tell your guests not to expect the worst.

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Bridal Showers can be so lame,
But not this one you see.
We have changed things up a bit,
Im sure you will agree.

We plan to share great stories,
Of how this couple met.
This story is like no other,
The bride is going to sweat.

Weve added to the punch,
To give it a bit of zip.
And many yummy treats,
Dont forget to taste the dip.

Well chat and reminisce,
On thing far in the past.
Talk about the wedding,
And a toast will be made last.

She'll get to open gifts,
And we hope she'll love them all.
If she had registered, all will be okay,
Its like having your own magic eight ball.

You'll get a chance to reconnect,
But don't worry no game play.
A bridal shower not like the rest,
Come celebrate this magic day.
Julie Hebert

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