Blissfully Happy

When a woman is getting ready to be married, they are blissfully happy for what is to come as well as a little emotional of what they may be leaving behind. This poem is a great reminder of how although a bride is moving forward with their life and they new love, their past will always be there waiting for a visit from memories past.

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Lets spend this time in total harmony,
Laughing and having a good time
A single woman you soon will not be,
And well be watching you get married in no time.

Until then we will celebrate your single days,
While honoring this choice you have made.
Many blessings to you and your husband to be,
To the wonderful woman youve always portrayed.

We will raise a toast to your days behind,
And to the days your future will hold.
With so many life decisions to make,
Together you will be in total control.

Although you will be moving ahead,
Your past will always be here.
Come for a visit down memory land,
None of it will disappear.

Instead new memories will be forged,
The only ones two people in love can make.
Be blissfully happy, as I know you are,
No need to pinch yourself as you awake.

And if tough times shall find you both,
I pray a blessing to help you through.
May God give you all the marital skills you will need,
To create a strong mariage for you two.
Julie Hebert

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