A Little Extra Sugar

When we get married some of us are worried about losing ourselves in our partners. This poem discusses how getting married doesn't mean that we stop living our lives but add to our lives with this new love. Help the bride in your life remember that they are still themselves and that marriage doesn't take that over completely.

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The day you wed the man of your dreams,
Changes nothing, yet everything.
See youíll still be you in every way,
But from now on youíll be accompanied by a ring!

Okay, okay, thats not quite true,
A ring you'll have but more.
You'll have a companion for life you see,
Someone to love you and adore.

Though being married isn't an end all,
For your life as you know it.
It just means you'll have someone else,
Who'll be with you to walk it.

No more going to parties or weddings alone,
You'll always have someone at your side.
Mom and dad are not needed as much anymore,
Now you'll have someone to give you a ride.

This person you'll marry will come into your life,
Not to take it over but make it fuller.
You still get to be everything you are,
Just now with a little extra sugar.
Julie Hebert

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