96 Birthday Wishes

So you're in the search for some happy birthday wishes, you have come to the right place! We've compiled some samples of birthday wishes for you to view. You can use them in so many different ways.

If you decide to make your own birthday card, birthday wishes could be the help you are looking for. The best way to send birthday wishes is by spending the time to think of a personal message that explains exactly how much you love and appreciate the birthday guest of honor.

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  1. To be able to say Happy Birthday to a friend is to be able to say, we made it another fabulous year!!
    Happy Birthday Quotes

  2. Happy Birthday to my one and only brother. May this birthday be your best yet.
    Happy Birthday Brother Quotes

  3. Wish for things that are in your reach, Nothing less and nothing more.
  4. A birthday wish may bring something great,
    depending on what you wished for.
    Wish for things that are in your reach,
    Nothing less and nothing more.
    Mom Poems

  5. Many blessings coming your way on this birthday of all birthdays!
    Happy Birthday Blessings

  6. Sending birthday wishes to an amazing friend. Hoping this year is even better than the last!
    Birthday Blessings For A Friend

  7. Sending you a friendly Happy Birthday greetings on one of the happiest days of our lives.
    Happy Birthday Greetings

  8. There is a saying that says those who have the most in life live the longest, and you have many birthdays under your belt. Why not one more!
    Birthday Sayings

  9. Remember that song, "how old are you..." well I'm here to tell you age doesn't matter. It truly only matters how old you feel.
    30th Birthday Wishes

  10. All kiddin' aside, I wish you a great day the years have passed by but that's okay C. A. Lynch, Another Birthday
    Funny Birthday Poems For Sister

  11. We wish you a happy birthday filled with laughter and everything gay Samatha C. Ringle, Happy Birthday
    Birthday Poems for Daughter

  12. The love we feel on our birthdays is a special gift to us from all those that surround us.
    Love Sayings

  13. May you live a long life full of gladness and health, With a pocket full of gold as the least of your wealth
  14. May you live a long life full of gladness and health, With a pocket full of gold as the least of your wealth.
    Happy Birthday Messages

  15. God has blessed you with another year. Give thanks!
    Christian Poems

  16. May sunshine and happiness follow you every day of the coming year.
    May the clouds and troubles of life disappear.
    Irish Blessing

  17. Marriages and Birthdays are similar in one very important way. We are surrounded by people we love and who love us.
    Marriage Wishes

  18. A blessing on this special day just for you and no one else. Make use of it in the best way you can, and never forget who you are. Happy Birthday.
    St. Patrick's Day Blessing

  19. Pictures paint a picture of our celebrations in life
  20. Birthday pictures as we grow up are as important as our wedding pictures. They paint a picture of our celebrations in life.
    Wedding Pictures

  21. Refuse to allow your birthday to slip by,
    Celebrate it big and fill with fun.
    Why cant a birthday be like a wedding?
    No celebration can be overdone!
    Wedding Wishes Messages

  22. When birthdays come, we want certain people by our side. But that is not always possible. Know that they are always close by wishing you many birthday wishes.
    Wish You Were Here

  23. Speech, speech they all will call out and you will have to give a speech about how it feels to be _____ years old! Embrace it! You are only this age once!
    Wedding Speeches

  24. Birthdays are anniversaries of the day we were born. Time to celebrate another great year and an increase in time!
    Wedding Anniversary Wishes

  25. On your birthday morning, I hope you wake up with excitement in your eyes and love in your heart!
    Good Morning Wishes

  26. Birthdays are like Christmas with all the presents that will surround you. But remember the love of the people around you mean more than all the presents in the world.
    Merry Christmas Wishes

  27. I wish I could give you everything you deserve for your birthday, sing you a song, write you a rhyme or find the perfect gift. But then I remembered all you want is to be loved, and that is exactly what you are.
    Cute Love Quotes

  28. Wishing you many more great and happy years ahead. Try and not to waste a single second of each minute.
    New Year Wishes

  29. A birthday thank you for all the wonderful moments you gave me on my special day.
    What To Write In A Thank You Card

  30. Birthday surprises like on Easter morning searching for hidden eggs are often the best kind of surprises. I hope you received all the surprises you deserve.
    Easter Wishes

  31. Enjoy every birthday and every minute the good Lord gives you.
  32. Never let a birthday pass you by because before you know it youll be celebrating your retirement! Enjoy every birthday and every minute the good Lord gives you.
    Retirement Wishes

  33. I hope today is everything you had always dreamed of. It was certainly exciting for us. Congratulations!
    Retirement Sayings

  34. A birthday to be thankful for! Wishing you many more birthdays and thankful wishes to come. May the coming year bring many blessings to you.
    Thanksgiving Blessing

  35. I write a line or two, to fondly say how heartfelt are my wishes that you may have choicest blessings strewn upon your way. M. E. B.
    Happy Birthday Brother Poems

  36. Here is a verse I've been working on to tell you how much I care,
    just the mere thought of you is all that sometimes I can bear.
    Milestone Birthday Poem

  37. This year will never come again, so go and celebrate with your friends.

  38. The day you were born was such a joyous occasion we couldn't let it pass you by without sending our wishes along.

  39. Hello, my birthday friend, and a sweet happy birthday to you and wishing you a wonderful birthday filled with joyful fun!

  40. I've never realized how hard it is to write a birthday message until I sat down to write yours. But then I realized, you know I'm not a man of many words so here it is Happy Birthday love.

  41. Sending loving messages to you on this most fabulous of days!
  42. Sending loving messages to you on this most fabulous of days! May you receive a message today that reminds you why another birthday has come your way. May you feel the love of family and friends as you celebrate turning another year older and may they shower you with joyous laughter.

  43. Wishing you only the best on your birthday. Your friends will toast to you about how wonderful a friend you are.

  44. Finding a card that says exactly what I want to say is nearly impossible. There are no words to say to express my love for you. Happy Birthday, Babe!

  45. I hope the coming years will be the most perfect yet. If they are anything like the example you have just given us this past year, it will be a blast.

  46. We always like to pretend that getting older was a cruel joke, but in reality, it really isn't. Look at all the wonderful years we had together with many more to come! Happy Birthday!

  47. May the party never stop!
  48. We celebrated many birthdays together and now that we have celebrated our last, I have to say I feel a sense of sadness. May his/her birthdays continue in the afterlife. May the party never stop!
    Condolence Message

  49. I tried to write you a poem, but all I could think of was roses are red poems so I thought I would just tell you in a simpler form that I hope you have a wonderful birthday.

  50. A glorious birthday for a wonderful and passionate friend. Hoping your birthday is as full of passion as you are!

  51. How can someone celebrate a birthday with everything that you deserve! There is no celebration worthy of everything you deserve!

  52. Can't wait to celebrate this joyous moment with you!
  53. Birthday wishes for a birthday love. I can't wait to celebrate this joyous moment with you!

  54. Birthdays are either a great love once a year or once a year's traumatic event! Choose to make it a yearly great love!

  55. Happy Birthday, Girlfriend!!! To the best friend in the whole wide world. Wishing you nothing but happy memories this birthday.

  56. Funny Birthday Wishes
    Sometimes, serious just isn't the way to go, so why not go a different way with your birthday message. Making someone laugh on their birthday is definitely an awesome birthday gift! Find that perfect birthday saying or find ideas to inspire the perfect birthday message below.

  57. Wow, how time seems to fly right by without us even realizing it! That must be how you got so old! Happy Birthday!
    Funny Birthday Poems

  58. Another birthday just like Christmas it comes once a year...but your years keep adding up!
    Funny Christmas Wishes

  59. Thanks for the invitation, I came for the cake!
  60. Thanks for the invitation, I came for the cake!
    Thank You Quotes

  61. This birthday maybe you should retire your age - in retirement, we stop working, well maybe you should stop counting the years.
    Funny Retirement Quotes

  62. You know when you are getting old when everything hurts and we laugh instead of crying!
    Get Well Wishes

  63. Hard to believe it's your birthday again. Those numbers just keep on getting bigger and bigger!
    Poems About Getting Older

  64. It's always nice to know you will always be older than me. I'll try to not let it go to my head!

  65. I was going to give you a cake for your birthday but realized I would be starting a forest fire when I lit the candles.
  66. I was going to give you a cake for your birthday but realized I would be starting a forest fire when I lit the candles. So I changed my mind!

  67. I love the saying, "it's the thought that counts", this way I get to think of the perfect gift and don't have to buy it for you!

  68. It's funny how some people need a birthday weekend to celebrate their birthday. When you get as old as we are, you just need a few hours!

  69. You know you should really start celebrating your birthdays! It's a proven fact that birthdays are good for you! The more you have the longer you live!

  70. Have you ever noticed that men don't ever seem to grow up? Every birthday is like having another child being spoiled for the day.

  71. You are one of the wisest people I know. Must be all those years adding up!

  72. You have always been the funny one, but I'm here to remind you, you are also the older one!

  73. Celebrate till the cows come home! You aren't in the pastures yet.

  74. If I'm old, what does that make you...ancient?

  75. I don't know about you, but I love growing up. It's the getting old part I could do without!

  76. Why did we spend so much time as a child trying to grow up, when all we do now is try to feel younger?

  77. When we were kids birthday parties were always so much fun. Now they consist of stories of when we were young!

  78. The awesome thing about having a cake with so many candles on it? When you make a wish, you'll get to make another and another and another! There's no way you'll be able to blow out all of those candles at once!

  79. How on earth did you reach this age! It's like you blinked and you were 50!

  80. I made you a birthday cake, but on the way over I got hungry and ate it! I'll make you another for your next birthday! The way things are going, we'll be celebrating that one soon enough!

  81. I've always wondered, why does time have to fly when we're having fun! It should go slow so we can enjoy it!

  82. It's always lovely when I get to wish you Happy Birthday on another year achieved!
  83. It's always lovely when I get to wish you Happy Birthday on another year achieved! Good job and way to go, you've done it!

  84. At 83 you shouldn't give a hoot about anything!

  85. Short Birthday Wishes
    If you are looking for something short and sweet, check these wishes out:

  86. I care about you and wish you a wonderfully unique birthday surprise!

  87. Our wish for you on this birthday is for you to find true happiness in whatever you are seeking.

  88. You have always been like a brother to me, and on this day I wish to extend brotherly birthday wishes.

  89. Special doesn't begin to explain all that you deserve for your upcoming birthday!

  90. Wishing you only the very best on your birthday. Blow out those candles and see if your wish comes true!

  91. There is no better thing I'd rather do than celebrate your birthday with you.

  92. Happy birthday and wishing you many more to come and many more fun days like today
  93. Happy birthday and wishing you many more to come and many more fun days like today.

  94. All the best in your years to come.

  95. I love a good party and I know the best date and person to party with! Excited to celebrate with you!

  96. Sending birthday love your way with hopes of many hugs and kisses along the way!

  97. Another year another birthday, another fun and exciting party to celebrate with my best friend.

  98. There is no birthday that can be as sweet as you are but we can always try!

  99. I hope you get everything you could ever ask for this year for your birthday.

  100. Wishing you a very happy birthday. May all your wildest wishes come true!

  101. May you have the happiest of birthdays and the best year yet, celebrated with family and friends.

  102. Wishing you something sweet and wonderful on your birthday.

  103. May this birthday make you the happiest you've been in years.
  104. May this birthday make you the happiest you've been in years.

  105. I love to celebrate people, and today I celebrate you.

  106. When you blow out your candles today, wish for something great, because you deserve greatness!

  107. Birthdays are a time of acceptance for ourselves. We all need that at least once a year.

  108. You deserve so much on this birthday! I hope you are given everything that you deserve.

  109. Blow those candles out so all your wishes can come true. Then we can party!

  110. Another year completed. Wishing you many more to come.
We hope you have found these birthday wishes helpful and informative. Feel free to take any of these and use them however you need them. And remember, you can't have too many birthday wishes. You never know when you'll need some, so come on back every time you realize that it's time for another. We'll be here and we plan on adding new birthday wishes every now and then.

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