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Discover a treasure trove of heartwarming best wishes, alongside a vast collection of poems and quotes that will provide you with the perfect words to wish others well, no matter the occasion or day of the year. We offer a number of themes, which will provide something suitable for any situation or occasion throughout the year. Whether it's a joyous celebration or a difficult moment that requires support and encouragement, may you find it here!

Best Wishes To You

Birthday Wishes    Birthday Wishes, you may also enjoy our collection of Funny Birthday Wishes

 Retirement Wishes    Retirement Wishes

Wedding Wishes    Wedding Wishes

Best Wishes To You see ALL wishes sorted BY THEME. You will find best wishes for graduation, Easter, Christmas, and more.

Best Poems

Birthday Poems Birthday Poems

Retirement Poems Retirement Poems

Wedding Poems Wedding Poems

Bridal Shower Poems

More special occasion poems to send best wishes: Poems for Valentines Day, plus a collection of Poems About Love to share. Also, find a good selection of Poems for St. Patrick's Day, and Easter Poems. And one of the most celebrated times of the year, find Christmas Poems. Plus to celebrate special days such as Fathers Day Poems and celebrate Mother's Day Poems. And we celebrate graduates with these Graduation Poems. If you are celebrating a wedding or an anniversary you may find poems to suit the occasion in our collection of Marriage Poems. And the beginning of the year can be celebrated with these New Year Poems.  And we offer a selection of Thanksgiving Poems.

More Best Poems see ALL poems sorted BY THEME.

You will find a wide variety of Christian Poems. And if you are looking to be inspired, you may want to visit Poems That Inspire. Poems for every day of the week on Poems About Today.  And if you may want to share one of our Poems about Family with a member of your family or Poems About Friends. And if you need some encouragement, you should read through our collection of Encouraging Poems.  And if you are looking for Funeral Poems we offer a collection of poems. And to show your thanks and appreciation you may want to share one of our gratitude poems. And if you are looking for poems that will bring a smile to someones face, check out our collection of Funny Poems. Poems are a great way for any occasion or to send encouragement and support.

Quotes & Sayings

Happy Birthday Quotes Happy Birthday Quotes

Retirement Sayings Retirement Sayings

Wedding Quotes

Quotes & Sayings see ALL wishes sorted BY THEME. Sometimes the best way to express your thoughts or to send encouragement is through sharing a quote.

All Occasions - Special days in July 2024:


Wedding Card Messages - congratulatory messages to write

Wedding Toasts - a toast to the happy couple

Wedding Blessings - a nice way to share your hopes and dreams for the newlyweds.

Wedding Phrases - some helpful ways to share your congratulations

Poems For Wedding Reading - words that express only the best for the bride and groom.

Poems About Friends - Friends are special people in our lives. Let these poems about friends remind you to appreciate them.

Quotes About Friends - Be inspired by these quotes about friends and share them with your friends.

Christian Poems About Friendship - Christian poems about friendship focuses on topics like friendships anchored in Christ


Funny Birthday Poems - to bring a smile to the birthday person

Happy Birthday Blessings - blessings for the birthday person

Happy Birthday Greetings - special words for special people

Happy Birthday Messages - short messages for a birthday


Graduation Wishes - a wish for the new graduate is great recognition for them.

Graduation Poems - Encourage and inspire the new graduate with a poem

Quotes To Inspire Graduates - include in your card one of our quotes to inspire the new graduate.

Happy Retirement

Funny Retirement Poems - bring a smile to the new retiree's face

Retirement Messages - messages for cards, for coworkers, bosses, and friends, and a few funny retirement messages

Retirement Sayings - retirement is like a new beginning, a new chapter in your book of life. Sayings to inspire

Funny Retirement Quotes - quotes to bring a smile to the retiree's face

Retirement Verses For Cards - verses for well wishes in retirement

We hope that you have discovered a wish, poem, or quote that expresses your thoughts and conveys them in a positive manner. Sometimes, despite knowing what we want to say, it can be challenging to find the right words. That's where a poem or quote can be used.

The quotes and poems can be shared electronically through emails or text messages, to add a positive thought to someone's day. Imagine the impact of brightening someone's morning or offering comforting words during a challenging time with just a few heartfelt lines.

The power of words is vast, and in the collection we have compiled, we hope you have found exactly the words that will express your thoughts. So, let these well-wishes, encouraging and inspiring poems, and quotes express your heartfelt sentiments. May they bring joy, inspiration, and comfort to both you and those you choose to share them with.

May today hold more blessings than your yesterdays.

Our utmost desire is that you stumble upon a poem, quote, or wish that flawlessly captures and expresses your deepest emotions. From messages brimming with love to words that provide unwavering support, our collection is a wellspring of inspiration, carefully curated to ensure that you find the perfect sentiment for every occasion. May your heartfelt expressions resonate profoundly, as you sprinkle the lives of those you care about with the magic of your genuine feelings and well-wishes. Immerse yourself in our assortment of poems, messages, toasts, and quotes, offering you lots of avenues to express your thoughts and bestow encouragement or congratulations upon those you hold dear.

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