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You may find that best wishes can come from many different places.  Finding the right one to say what you need it to say may take time.  You may find the words of your choice in a poem, or a quote.  Or you may find that perfect wish in a card verse or even a song.  Keep your mind open to the possibilities and you will find the perfect wish to send along to the newly married couple.

This time in a couples life marks the beginning of a new phase.  Its a time they will commit to each other their love and their lives.  When you are the spectator you are honored they have chosen you to celebrate this momentous occasion with them.  And you will want nothing but the best for them in their new lives together as husband and wife.  
So now the search will being.  You want the perfect card, the perfect gift that they will not only treasure but that will also be useful to them.  You want to give the perfect toast and raise a glass to this wonderful commitment.  But you don’t know where to start.
Finding the card, well that can be easy if you go to the store and purchase one of their congratulations card from their large selection or you can make one yourself to make it more personal.  Whichever you decide, you still need to figure out what you are going to write to the newly wedded couple.
A quote or saying would be a nice addition.  There are many around that would be quite sufficient.  You may decide that a poem or blessing would be an even nicer addition to your marriage wishes.  But what about that marriage wish.  You could most likely find a very nicely written wish on the internet.  Or, you could personalize it even more and create one that says more than just any pre-written wish could say.  But where do you start?
A nuptial wish can be written very easily, it just depends on what you want to say.  Start it off by saying who it is to.  For example, “For my darling Niece and her new Husband, Darlene & Jacob” or “To the newest newlyweds to our group, Jane and John”.  It can be as simple as just saying, “To Jack & Jill”, or more personal as we’ve already stated.
Next you will want to congratulate them on their commitment to each other.  There are many ways of doing this.  Here are some examples, “I can’t tell you how happy we are for you both”;  Congratulations on your commitment to each other”; “Cheers to you both on this joyous of all days”; Way to go on making such a beautiful devotion to each other”.  
You will then want to tell them what you want for them and their future.  Some examples of what you could say are, “We wanting only the best for you both and hope you will find all the happiness in the world”; May your promise to each other get you through troubled times, may your love keep your hearts open and may your fondness for each other stay as strong as it was on this day” or best wishes for your future and happy memories of your past.
You will likely end your wishes for card with your name.  But before your name or names you will likely sign off with a, sincerely, truly, with all sincerity, with love always, love or just simply, from.  
We hope this has been helpful in showing you how there are many ways to send your hopes and desires for the newly wedded lovers.  And most of all we hope you can see that writing your own union bid is not a difficult task when you break it down.  You can easily write something loving and caring.  But always remember a quote, saying, poem or even words to a beautiful song are always a nice addition to any wishes.

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