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"Today on your wedding day, you will feel like you will never be this happy again.  But remember, this is only the start of your happiness!  Many more happy days to come."


"The love two people share on their wedding day will be multiplied several times throughout their life together."


"Best wishes on this wonderful union of two families!  The love you had apart for your families will now be so great it will be overflowing in your home."


"On this day, you will receive many wishes of congratulations.  From past experience, you will only hear half of them as your excitement for the day will cloud your ability to hear them all.  But that's okay, Take in everything you can from this day, make wonderful memories.  Its your wonderful life together that this ability will be needed.  Marriage needs love, and you have that in spades.  But make sure you listen to each other to keep that love strong!"


"To my two favourite people in the whole wide world!  I can't even express how happy I am for you two.  You not only belong to one another but I know your lives together will be a life alternating experience for not only you, but for those around you.  Best wishes on your wedding."


"Best wishes on this joyous day!  Spend each day together as if it were your last and you will never regret a day of it!"


"God bless your marriage and all that it will be.  May your marriage have abundance of love, kindness and understanding."


"I have always wondered what a loving relationship would look like, that is until I met the two of you. Celebrating your wedding has given me a new found understanding of what I hope one day I will have!"


"I sincerely hope this wedding is everything you ever imagined!  Love each other, work hard for each other and your marriage will certainly be just that!"


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