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"So many wonderful memories will be made on this wedding day, all of which will be the start of a perfect life together."


"Wishing you both happiness, success in your marriage and affection towards each other for years to come!"


"If this wedding day is just a taste of the affection you will feel toward each other during your marriage, you two are in for a terrific life!"


"The fondness I feel for the two of you gives me so much joy!  I can only hope your devotion to each other gives you as much joy! Wishing you a wonderful wedding day!"


"Your wedding day is the start of something extra great, its the start of a wonderful life together."


"Congrats and best wishes, to a deserving couple. Your lives from this point on will forever be woven together."


"Your relationship has gone from together to forever!  What an amazing adventure you are about to embark on. Enjoy every part of your wedding day."


"Your wedding day is the first day of the rest of your lives as husband and wife.  Enjoy every moment of it, life goes by way to fast!"


"Love is what you make it.  If you treat each other as if you just met, your lives together will be something of a romance novel and your wedding day will be as special as you make it."


"We always knew you two were made for each other, but something we didn't know is how deep your love ran for one another.  Hold on to that, and don't let any circumstance take that away from you, especially on your wedding day!"


"If I can give you one piece of advice, it would be to always remember to show your affection and say I love you every single day.  Even on the busiest of days, like your wedding day, which is usually the most important time."


"Who among us thought that you would be getting married first.  I guess fate has a way of rewarding the most deserving people. Happy wedding!"


"On your wedding day we feel the need to tell you that loving you has always been easy for us.  We always knew you'd find someone who would love you just as much."


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