8 Wedding Vow Examples


Here you will find vows samples.  Feel free to read through these examples and if you would prefer to use a pre-written vow feel free to use one of these.  If you are wanting to write your own marital promise, then we hope these will give you some inspiration to go write it now.


  1. I ______, take you, ______ to be my friend, my lover and my one true love.

  2. I promise to honor  you, respect you, cherish you and our love from now until eternity.

    I give you this ring as my commitment to always walk hand in hand with you through anything life throws at us.  I will never leave you alone, I will never misplace my love for you.  You are my everything and I promise to always be worthy of your love for me.  I love you.
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  3. I ______, take you, ______ to be my lawfully wedded husband/wife to be my partner in life from this day forward.  I promise to laugh and cry with you and to love you unconditionally.  I will honor you, support you, respect you and love you for who you are.  I give you my whole heart and promise to love you as long as we both shall live.
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  4. I ______, take you, ______ to be my love.  I promise to always love you and only you from now until eternity.  I give you my hand so that we may walk together throughout all the season of life.  We will grow old together, start a family and be blissful hand in hand. You are my everything and life without you wouldn't exist.  So lets start our life together with this vow to always remember this day at this moment, the moment we announce our ever binding love for each other and live happily ever after.
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  5. I ______, take you, ______ to be my best friend and one true love.  I remember the day we met, you were stunning (or, so handsome).  Today you stand before me pledging to be my wife/husband.  What a dream come true.  From this day forward, I promise to always be there for you, never to let you cry alone, always be someone to laugh with and to walk hand in hand on the beach.  I am giving you my hand today and promising to love you unconditionally.  We will walk this road together from now until eternity.  I love you.
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  6. Less Traditional Wedding Vows

  7. My One and Only
    You are my one and only,
    One I care to love.
    The one and only person,
    The one I hold high above.
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  8. Here's hoping that you live forever

    And mine is the last voice you hear.

    Author Unknown
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  9. You are the one and only,
    One I care to see.
    The one and only person,
    The one who sets me free.

    You are the one and only,
    One I take his hand.
    The one and only person,
    Who I walk through rocks and sand.

    You are the one and only,
    The one who's truth and pure.
    The one and only person,
    The one I know for sure.
    Julie Hebert
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  10. You and I have always been meant to be.
    Look at us know, proving to all our family and friends that we were right.
    About to start not only a new life together,
    But also a new year of wonderful memories to make.
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Feel free to use any of these promises.  They are spoken from the heart about true love.  You may also take sentences from each of these that you like to create your own vow.  Whatever you decide to do, make sure the vow is a promise that comes from your heart.  It should be romantic and sweet.  Loving and thoughtful.  So share these wishes of a happy life together with your bride/groom...and live happily ever after!


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