Wish I Could Give You The World

There are many mothers in this world that deserve so much for being amazing people and role models for their family and children. This poem describes these attributes and tells the reader how much they are appreciated. This Mothers Day poem is a winner if you are looking for a poem to honor and bless your mother with kind words and loving memories of being a fantastic mother.

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A swipe of a tear and a squeeze of my hand,
Are some comforts you brought to me.
The love that I felt each and every day,
You have always brought me so much glee.

You tried to protect me as much as you can,
But we all know you can't do it all.
A super hero to me you have always been,
Eventually though, it was my time to stand up tall.

You taught me well through out my years,
I never fell so hard I couldn't stand back up.
Your words remind me to keep doing my best,
Even when things seem to blowup.

And when things are great and life couldn't get any better,
I remember being thankful says so much.
So many years of watching you give back to others,
Never forgetting your loving touch.

So today on Mothers Day I want to give you the world,
Because that is exactly what you deserve.
Though that is a little outside my reach,
Sending you many blessings outside the normal curve.
Julie Hebert

Your mother will feel amazing after reading a poem like this as part of their mothers day card or made into a mothers day gift. Poems can be made into many different things or as easily used during a toast or speech that honors their many efforts of being a great mother who wants nothing but the best for their children.

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