124 Merry Christmas Wishes

Christmas is a time of spirit, love and cheer. This is also a time to send your Christmas wishes to family and friends. Allow us to help you share your messages for a happy Christmas with the use of the following Christmas wishes.

  1. Merry Christmas to a family I consider part of my own. May this Christmas be filled with love and laughter. Love Quotes

  2. May every morning give you the same feeling as a child feels on Christmas day. Good Morning Wishes

  3. Christmas is like any good anniversary, it comes around once a year and we get to celebrate with all we have to make it the best day possible. Wedding Anniversary Wishes

  4. Wishing you and your family a blessed Christmas filled with the love of Jesus! Blessings

  5. From my house to yours may this Christmas be filled with love and joy with the loudest of laughter.

  6. May your first Christmas after committing your lives to each other be filled with love and predictions of the following years to come. Engagement Wishes

  7. Christmas as a married couple brings new and compromising traditions. Its an exciting time in a couples lives to create your Christmas together. Marriage Wishes

  8. I know this Christmas will be harder than usual this year. Memories may be all you feel you have now, but know your loved one is looking down on you this Christmas and will be with you in spirit. Wish You Were Here

  9. Christmas time is here and there is nothing you can do about that, so take the time to enjoy these holidays as they won't be around for very long!

  10. Wishing you a holly jolly Christmas with many more laughs to come in the new year. Wedding Wishes

  11. I love Christmas time, its a time when even the unfriendliest of people find the true meaning of Christmas. Wedding Phrases

  12. I know how much you love Christmas fruit cake, so my wish to you is that under your Christmas tree you will find lots of cake just for you. Cake Ideas

  13. Happy Holidays and best wishes on a cold and snowy Christmas!

  14. Sometimes Christmas isn't happily anticipated by everyone as it is for some. I hope your circumstances did not make your anticipation any less excited. 

  15. Isn't xmas a great time if the year? Wishing you a warm Christmas!

  16. Be cozy and warm this Christmas season with lots of yummy treats. 

  17. The light of the Christmas star to you. The warmth of a home and hearth to you. The cheer and good will of friends to you. The hope of a childlike heart to you. The joy of a thousand angels to you. The love of the Son and Godís peace to you -  An Old Irish Blessing

  18. I would do so many things for just because I love you. I would drive across town to get you your favourite ice cream. I would make a speech on your behalf. I would do anything you needed me to do, just because I love you. On Christmas, nothing has changed.  Wedding Speech

  19. I hope you have a Christmas worth talking about over and over again!

  20. Christmas is a time to celebrate family and friends so this is my chance to tell you how much you mean to me.

  21. I send my Christmas wishes, wishing a poem I could write instead. Regardless of my writing imperfections, another Christmas we look ahead.  Wedding Poems

  22. I love you more and more for every Christmas we spend together.

  23. My gift to you this Christmas is to tell you how much I love you!

  24. How blessed are we that 4 months ago we celebrated Jesusís birthday and this weekend we are celebrating his resurrection! Easter Wishes

  25. Presents are fun but remember it's God's presence that are what Christmas is all about!

  26. May your Christmas be magical and full of Christmas spirit.

  27. It is always harder to celebrate holidays such as Christmas when we are missing someone we love. May your holiday be filled with special memories from past holidays. Condolence Message


  28. Wishing you peace and joy this Christmas and may Santa find his way to your warm and cozy home.

  29. A Christmas card for one of my closest friends. Wishing you lots of happy companions this Christmas.

  30. Retirement is just as good as Christmas Morning for children. We get to celebrate, open gifts and then play and do what we like for days ahead! Retirement Wishes

  31. May you feel love and comfort from your family and friends that surround you each and every Christmas.

  32. May your angel on top of your Christmas tree shine brighter than any other this Christmas Day.

  33. Merry Christmas to my favourite person in the whole wide world.

  34. Sending you cheerful vibes for a beautiful time on your Christmas Day.

  35. May this festive season be filled with miracles and the true meaning of Christmas.

  36. I wish you have a wonderful Christmas and all your dreams will come true

  37. Through the spirit of Jesus, I wish you a very Merry Christmas.

  38. Christmas parties, gifts galore, Jesus Christ and family and friends that bring you joy.

  39. Wishing you and your family a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

  40. Joyeux Noel to a great Christmas and an even greater New Year!

  41. May this Christmas be perfect for you and your family! I even wish for a white and snowy forecast!

  42. Light the fire, drink eggnog and read your favourite book by candle light to make your Christmas great!

  43. This Christmas, put away the expectations and do all your favourite things.

  44. My hope for you this Christmas is that mistletoe will find you and all your dreams will come true.

  45. Christmas can be a spiritual time when we think about the true meaning of Christmas. Let the spirit of Christmas find you.

  46. Bows and ribbons donít make our Christmas great. Its the love and happiness between family and friends.

  47. Santa is coming to town, so watch out and keep a look out for those black boots as they will be making their way down your chimney before you know it.

  48. Jingle your way to a terrific Christmas and may this holiday be something out of a x-mas carol.

  49. I know how Christmas can be a crazy time of year, so my wish for you this year is to have a blizzard day where you get stuck home with nothing to do but relax.

  50. Joyeux Noel, Feliz Navidad, or Merry Christmas!  It doesn't matter how we say it.  It all means the same thing! Here to you having a great holiday.

Holiday Wishes

Sometimes we are unable or unwilling to use the terms Merry Christmas due to other peoples cultures or religious beliefs, but we still want to wish our friends and acquaintances best wishes. Here are some ways to do that:

  1. During my favorite time of year I am sending many wishes to make this day as great for you as I always hope it will be.

  2. My favourite thing about holidays, are the pictures we traditionally get taken. I love to send them and love even more when I receive them. Sending you many photo memories this season.  Wedding Photography

  3. No matter the holiday or occasion, finding meaningful words takes some time. But with you, its always easy. You are true, with a kind heart, and your mine!  What To Write In A Wedding Card

  4. Greetings this holiday season. Sending my bestest wishes to you and your family.

  5. I would like to send you gift on this holiday, but I believe gifts are not enough. You deserve much more than just a meaningless gift.  Wedding Gift Ideas

  6. Winter wishes on this cold December day. Wishing you a warm drink and a roaring fire!

  7. May your home be filled with comfort, great food and great company this holiday season!

  8. Tis the season to be happy, helpful and kind. Treat others nicely this holiday season.

  9. A special time to celebrate a joyous day with wonderful people surrounding your every move.

  10. Holidays are filled with so much good. They are the perfect time to share all that good with the ones you cherish.

  11. On this festive season, wishing you a day of great hopes and dreams coming true.

  12. Lets celebrate this wonderful time of year with as much love as we can muster.

  13. Warm wishes on this cold and frigid winter holiday. Stay warm and cheery this holiday season.

  14. Wishing you snowflake kisses and snowman hugs with the love of winter to warm your heart.

  15. I love how you embrace this time of the year and wish that others would embrace it the same way.

  16. When you were little I use to watch you make snow angels. Was so happy to be able to watch you grow into an angel who loves snow!

  17. Lights and smiles, family and friends. I wish you all that this season brings and more.

  18. May your mittons and boots make your outsides be toasty. May your favourite warm drink make your insides cozy.

  19. This year many celebrate with presents and carols. Others enjoy just the warmth and kindness of many.

  20. Family and friends come together in love and joy. May your time together be filled with all the same.

Funny Christmas Wishes

Holidays can be stressful and full of laughter. Either way, here are some wishes to keep the fun going.

  1. Stressful Christmases are no fun! Wishing you a stress-free holiday, which unfortunately will probably only be when its all over!

  2. Another year and another Christmas. Hoping this year you can stay away from the egg nog and remember all the fun times!

  3. Over the holidays, people either want to be all in or hibernate like a bear. This is because if they donít hibernate, they actually act like a bear!

  4. Wishing you presents from Santa and not his reindeer. Your lawn has been looking so great these days!

  5. Iíve heard that its the thought that counts! Keep in mind, cash and gift cards do the trick too!

  6. Wishing you a Christmas filled with fun times without the financial hole that we tent to dig for ourselves!

  7. Christmas is filled with white fluffy snow that kids love to eat. Just waiting until they taste the yellow kind for them to decide theyíve had enough!

  8. May you find yourself under the mistletoe this year where many kisses await.

  9. Wishing you a Christmas like Santaís vacation after he finishes delivering all his toys. Sound to sleep in his warm cozy bed!

  10. May your Christmas be filled with rum filled egg nog so you can save some of your sanity for Boxing Day!

  11. Hoping you receive everything you deserve this Christmas. Although, that could go either way, you may just want to ask for a sweater to be safe!

  12. Donít be a Grinch this Christmas! Leave that to the professionals! There is one in every family!

  13. Prepare the egg nog, coffee or whatever you need to get you through the holidays. They are coming and there is nothing you can do about it!

  14. We wish you a dabbing Christmas and a dabbing New Year!

  15. Donít let the calories of Christmas make you feel guilty. Its almost the start of a new year!

  16. Hope you got your flu shot to allow you to enjoy all the festivities of the holidays and none of flu season!

  17. May Christmas dinner be everything you have waited all year for and more! Happy eating!

  18. Hoping you receive warm socks this winter. Looks like its going to be a long and cold one!

  19. If you didn't receive a response to your letter to Santa when you told him you were good all year long, it might be because Santa is still rolling around laughing!

  20. Wishing you order and no chaos this holiday season! But knowing your family, this is probably not a realistic wish for you! Wishing you added sanity, you're going to need it!

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