Marriage Wishes


'Marriages take hard work and commitment, but no need to tell you guys that, you already do both of those things every day in your lives!'



'Wishing you both a wonderful, eventful marriage together.'



'As the two of you merge your lives together, remember, every day won't be roses and sunshine.  But with your commitment to each other, you'll fight to keep this merger from ever falling apart!'



'Take care of each other, and the rest will fall into place.'


'They say love alone can't sustain a marriage, but I disagree, your love is made of fairytales.'



'Marriage is a wonderful thing especially if you get to take part in it with your best friend!'


'Today I wished upon a star,

that your marriage not change who you are,

but make you better in every way, may this man you married help show you the way.'



'Wishing you the marriage you always dreamed of!'




'When I think about what a happy marriage means, the two of you always pops into my head.'



'These days, having a good marriage is so hard, but knowing the two of you, you'll beat the odds!'



'Trust in each other and all your dreams will come true.'


'Tying the knot was a huge step to take, but not one any of us ever questioned.'



'You two were made for each other and marriage was made for you two!'



'Your relationship makes me want to have it all. And that's because you have it all and make it look like so much fun.'




How about some Marriage Poems 

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