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In order to really love someone, you must love him as though he was going to die tomorrow.
Arabian proverb

If you love someone with all of your heart, you will give them all of your heart. You will not hold back, you will do all that you can to make them happy and feel loved. Love him/her as if this day was your last together, and tomorrow and so forth. Donít waste a day not being in love!


Love is blind so you have to feel your way.
Brazilian proverb

Love can make people feel as if they are blind. They may not see things in their lover that they would ordinarily see in others because love is casting a blanket over their eyes. That's why it is best to take things slow and not to rush into everything. Why rush anyway, if youíre in love, why not savor the moment!




A life with love is happy; a life for love is foolish.
Chinese proverb

Living your life with someone in it you love is the best thing anyone can hope for. Especially if that person returns their love. But living your life for love, allowing love to run your life, make your choices is not okay, and not a life of happiness. Life your life with someone in it to love, but donít live your life around someone to love unless you both want the same things.


When one is in love, a cliff becomes a meadow.
Ethiopian proverb

When you fall in love, it seems like everything becomes so very easy. Love softens things and makes the dark areas brighter. Love has a special way about it to make everything wonderful. Nothing feels difficult anymore as love makes you realize the important things!



We always return to our first loves.
American proverb

We may not always return to our first loves in person, but in memory. They were our first kiss and with many others first as well. It was a very special time in our lives and no matter how things were left, those firsts will always be with us. How we felt, how happy we were. It was all so special, and in times when we may need a little reminder of how great things can be, you may just find your mind wandering back to those days of our first love.




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