15 Christmas Poems

Allow our Christmas poems to be a wonderful addition to any card or gift that you plan to give during the holidays. Whether it be for family, a child in your life, or maybe a certain someone will not be celebrating the holidays with their loved ones this year, we have many poems for you to choose from.

    Christmas Love

  1. Christmas Love
    I have many ways to share my joy,
    For this season of joyful thoughts.
    I can write in a card, or email, or text,
    This world gives us many spots...Read More

  2. Merry Christmas One And All
    Christmas time is here,
    Once again, this year.

    Many shoppers search,
    For the very best merch...Read More

  3. We know snow is on autumn's tail

  4. Christmas Countdown
    A new year starts and we live our lives,
    We go month to month without fail.
    Once autumn beings we have feelings of exhaustion,
    We know snow is on autumnís tail...Read More

  5. What Christmas Is Not About
    I love Christmas so much,
    But not for the reasons you think.
    Its not about receiving gifts at all,
    No need to give me a pessimistic wink...Read More

  6. A simpler Christmas time

  7. A Simpler Christmas Time
    I like presents as much as the next,
    But sometimes I feel like a hostage.
    It gets to the point that Iíve opened so much,
    And I am utterly exhausted...Read More

Christmas in Heaven Poem

Enduring a Christmas without one of our loved ones is a horrible feeling. Allow these Christmas in Heaven poems to help yourself or others in your life work through the grief of living through a Christmas without them.

  1. Past Christmas Moments
    Christmas wonít be the same this year,
    Without you by my side.
    You will be celebrating in Heaven this year,
    My tears will need to be dried...Read More

  2. Christmas wishes I wish to extend

  3. Missing A Friend
    This Christmas I wish you be happy,
    I know you are missing a friend.
    It's hard to miss someone at Christmas,
    Christmas wishes I wish to extend.
    Julie Hebert

  4. Up There In Heaven
    Missing someone at Christmas,
    Brings sorrow and loss to this place.
    But knowing heís up there in heaven,
    Helps to brighten and lighten up this space...Read More

Christmas Poems for Kids

Sending Christmas poems to a child in your life may be the perfect way to wish them a very Merry Christmas. Believe in the magic of Christmas with them. It will help make their Christmas magical.

    Christmas Magic

  1. Christmas Magic
    Do you believe in magic,
    I certainly do.
    The magic of Christmas is my favourite,
    And many other holidays too...Read More

  2. A Snowy Christmas
    Christmas without snow,
    Doesnít feel like Christmas to me.
    I know many kids donít get it,
    But for me, snow is the key...Read More

  3. I believe in Santa

  4. I Believe in Santa
    Santa Clause, heís coming again,
    I know this is for sure.
    He delivers presents to everyone,
    Even though it sounds obscure...Read More

  5. I Know Youíre Listening
    Sleighbells ring, I know youíre listening.
    At least trying, not to fall asleep!
    But everyone knows, Santa doesnít come,
    To children who arenít dreaming in their sleep...Read More

Short Christmas Poems

Sometimes short and sweet is best. May these short poems be the Christmas poems you are looking for.

    Every great Christmas is merry and bright

  1. Grateful Hearts
    Every great Christmas is merry and bright,
    With smiles and holiday, lights hung high.
    Exchanging of presents gathered by family and friends,
    And grateful hearts to bid you goodbye.
    Julie Hebert

  2. Just Us Two
    Peace, joy, and love,
    Is what I wish for you.
    On this Christmas morning,
    When we are together just us two.

    Iíd make this Christmas perfect,
    If I could for you.
    You deserve the very best Christmas,
    That some schmuck like me can brew.
    Julie Hebert

  3. Are You Ready?
    Sometimes we find ourselves questioning,
    Have I been naughty or nice?
    The year can get away from us,
    We feel like weíve rolled the dice.

    But Christmas is not the time to gamble,
    So shape up, Santaís coming soon.
    You better start playing nice you see,
    You are not immune.

    I wish you all the best this Christmas,
    I hope you are able to save yourself.
    Itíll be Christmas before you know it,
    Theyíre almost ready, Santa and his elves.
    Julie Hebert


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We hope we gave you many different options of poems to choose from and you were able to select one of our Christmas Poems to use in your card, gift, or virtual message. Wishing you a very Merry Christmas!

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