5 Christian Poems

If you know someone is a Christian or you are a Christian yourself, it is important to keep the faith in what we watch, hear, and read. Sending Christian poems is one way of doing that. We have poems about blessings, heaven, and even losing faith. Read through our collection to find a poem that suits your needs best of all.

  1. Safely Home
    I am home in Heaven, dear ones;
    Oh, so happy and so bright!
    There is perfect joy and beauty
    In this everlasting light...Read More
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  2. Blessed By The Hands Of God
    Your marriage will be blessed by the hands of God,
    For he knows you belong together.
    But blessings arenít always enough, word hard and be true,
    Do your best to keep things light as a feather...Read More
    Wedding Blessings

  3. May God Bless You
    Weddings are a perfect time,
    To share with those you love,
    The person who fills you with so much joy,
    And receive a blessing from the Man above...Read More
    Wedding Card Messages

Losing Faith In God

Lately, Iíve been flooded with thoughts on how some people turn away from God when the going gets tough and a lot of the time blame God for their misfortunes instead of seeking Him for comfort and understanding. This thought has plagued me time after time. While watching Season 1, Episode 8 of Modern Love, a TV series about all different types of love in our modern world, I heard this incredible statement during one of the episodes:

ďWhenever anything bad happens, you should try and re-calibrate the universe or whatever you want to call it with its oppositesÖ If someone cuts you off in traffic, you just are extra generous with the next person who wants to get out; if someone steals your wallet, go to the poor box and make a donation...Ē

What a great way to live your life!

We all know life isnít perfect, it was never intended to be that way, and getting angry or blaming God isnít a good use of the choices or free will God has given us. The choices we make next will set the tone for the rest of our day, weeks, months, or even years to come; not to mention the people we come into contact with. See God gave us free will, and with free will comes bad choices as well as good, made by you or someone who may come in contact with your life in some way. We are all sinners. Some of us sin in ways that only hurts us and others sin in ways that affect a lot more than just themselves. We canít ask God to take away all the bad that is in our lives. If he did that wouldnít be freewill. We canít have it both ways and I think most would agree that taking freewill away would not be a life weíd want to live. So how can we deal with the bad without losing a God who loves us so much...we have to find other ways of dealing with the bad. I truly believe there is something good in every circumstance. Sometimes it is pretty obvious, and then there are times that Iím oblivious to what it might be. I ask God to reveal the good in His time. Sometimes the answer is revealed quickly, other times it may be years later before I understand the good and then there are the times I feel like I am not meant to know. Someday I hope the answers will be revealed, but that probably wonít be until I meet my Maker. And you know what, that is okay. A little mystery never hurt anyone as long as you hold on to your faith that there was good in that circumstance.

So I say, we look to our future with the same attributes as the statement above. We find the opposites in the bad things in life and turn them into good for the next person we come into contact with. My mother always used to tell me, two wrongs never made a right, and she was correct in that! Blaming, getting angry, or retaliating will only darken this already dark world. Letís make light out of our dark circumstances for the next person.

  1. Blaming God
    Whenever bad things happen,
    And you donít know what to do,
    You may find yourself angry,
    And feeling pretty blue...Read More

  2. Re-Calibrate The World
    This world can be many things,
    Amazing, beautiful, and filled with light.
    But darkness lives among us too,
    Causing havoc, sorrow, and fright...Read More


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There are many different ways for poems to be an influence on our community. Whether they are true believers, have no faith or somewhere in between, we hope you were able to find a poem that speaks volumes.

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