Re-Calibrate The World

Our world has been plagued by evil deeds for centuries and when we are the victim of one of them we sometimes do not deal with it in the right way. This poem gives helpful ideas on how you can change your mind frame and give back to the world in a more positive light than keeping the darkness going.

This world can be many things,
Amazing, beautiful, and filled with light.
But darkness lives among us too,
Causing havoc, sorrow, and fright.

Many out of anger and humiliation,
Keep the darkness rolling along.
ďIt was done to me, so Iíll do it to him,Ē
And the darkness stays pretty strong.

But what we really need to do is snuff the dark out,
Find ways to spread light instead of dark.
Let's make this darkness inspire love and joy,
A new way of life we should all embark.

Anger is passed on in many ways,
Impatience and yelling to name a few.
Donít spout anger and be unkind as you walk through the door
Spread love and kindness to the next person in view.

Deception can come from the young to the old,
Causing mistrust and feelings of defeat.
Donít try and fool or take advantage of the next,
Be honest with everyone you meet.

Items are stolen every day,
With great losses and violated thoughts.
Donít look to replace what was lost by taking another,
Instead, donate to charity spots.

If illness pangs you or someone you love,
Donít get angry or feel all alone.
Find ways to give back and help others get through,
Even if it's just on the phone.

I pray that you never have to go through a loss,
But in life, this is unlikely true.
If it's possible and the choice is up to you,
Why not donate organs to save a few.

There are many ways to take the bad,
And flip it into something good.
Imagine if we all changed our ways,
Spreading light to our neighborhood.
Julie Hebert

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