Blaming God

This is a great people for those wrestling with how to deal with bad things coming their way and how not to shut out or push away a loving and kind God.

Whenever bad things happen,
And you don’t know what to do,
You may find yourself angry,
And feeling pretty blue.

You may want to cry and scream,
And take it out on God.
But I’m telling you right now,
Your plan is pretty flawed.

This is an important time,
You should call out to Him.
Ask Him to comfort you,
In times you feel very grim.

God made a promise to you,
Many, many years ago.
A controlling God he would not be,
So you have freedom to grow.

Though with control we all will agree,
Some use it in the wrong ways.
These choices impact many of us,
Leaving hurt and pain in His gaze.

People pray and beg for things to change,
Ask Him “why would He let it occur”.
His plan for us may not be clear,
But I promise he is no amateur.

He performs miracles and answers prays,
And sometimes He does this for you.
But can we expect it every time?
Wouldn’t freedom no longer be true?

We also wonder why it had to be us,
“Why not someone other than I.
Surely bad things shouldn’t happen to good people!”
But is it really our place to decide?

This judgmental thinking should be left to God.
It is His Will, not our own.
Have faith that things are meant to be this way,
One day God will make this known.

Until this day makes it’s way to you,
Ask for comfort and love in prayer.
Place your faith and trust in Him alone,
And I promise He will always be there.
Julie Hebert

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