98 Birthday Sayings

We have complied some birthday sayings for your convience. We also have sayings for 30th, 40th, 50th and 60th birthdays. And if you are looking for ways to say Happy Birthday in different languages, we have that too.

  1. Age is only a number, and if you don't feel your age, your number is not worth talking about.
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  2. Every birthday should be thought of as not turning yet another year older, but turning another year better.
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  3. Every birthday is another chance to show your family and friends that your years passed are worth celebrating.
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  4. Every year older adds another year of experience that will benefit you when your older and wiser than everyone else.
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  5. Celebrate your birthdays and think of them as blessings! I mean, where would you be if you had no birthdays to celebrate?
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  6. You are only the age in which you feel.
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  7. To triumph old age, you must first work on within. If you can keep yourself happy, loving and without judgment you can succeed at keeping your age from ruling your life.
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  8. Gotta love getting older! If it wasn't for getting wiser, I don't know if it would be all its cracked up to be!
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  9. Like all celebrations, know the people who celebrate with you are the ones who truely are happy for you.
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  10. We are so happy we get to love you and know the amazing person you have become.
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  11. You can be any age you want, with the remaining years as experience!
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  12. 40th Birthday Sayings

  13. You've finally caught up to us, its about time you gained some wisdom!
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  14. Make turning forty be the start of your life. Take a hold of your life and live it to the fullest.

  15. Being 40 only means one thing, you’re between the ages of youth and old! So make the most of it, because old is creeping up on you.

  16. You may feel old at 40, but that's just because your next stepping stone is 50. So feel young while you have the chance.

  17. Being middle aged just means your coming around the bend, so take the road less traveled.

  18. For women, being 40 means we can finally appreciate the men in their twenties!

  19. Think of turning 40 this way: A 40 year old wine is a wine worth drinking!

  20. Being middle aged can be tough to let sink in, but how you think of it will determine how you live the next 40 years of your life.

  21. What a great age forty is!  Its a time when you're life is exactly where it should be.

  22. 40 is a time to enjoy your birthday while also taking a break!  You've been going strong for 40 years now! wow!

  23. You're turning 40?  Wow, I was sure it was 50? Oops!  Happy Birthday old man!

  24. Turning 40 is a wonderful time!  But don't go partying too much, don't want you to break a hip or anything.

  25. I can't believe you are 40!  Where did the time go? Well at least I'm still younger!  No matter how old I get, you will always be older than I!

  26. Happy 40th Birthday! May all your wishes come true!  But just so you know, wishes can't turn back the clock!  Time to look to the future!

  27. Hey 40 isn't that many candles on the cake, it may look like a forest fire, but its really not!

  28. If you're worried turning 40 is getting old, think of it this way, in 10 years you'll be turning 50, and that is old!

  29. People who turn 40 have it all wrong.  Its not a time to have a pity party, its a time to celebrate the 40 years you've been on this planet!

  30. 40 is the new 30!  But if you asked me turning 30 was just as bad!

  31. 50th Birthday Sayings

  32. Your half a century old! What an accomplishment. Lets celebrate the last 50 years and move on to the next 50 years of your life.

  33. When everyone turns 50, the face they are left with is that of which they deserve.

  34. Being 50 is great, so long as all your friends are 60!

  35. Turning 50 isn’t the end. On the contrary, turning 50 is the beginning of the next half century of your life.

  36. You are only as old as you feel, so feel 50 years young and you will never be 50 years old.

  37. You’re not 50, you’re 25 x 2! You’ve got twice the experience you had at 25 but with the same feeling.

  38. 50 is the new 30, think young and you will be young.

  39. When you’re 70 you will wish to be 50 again, so enjoy it while you can. 70 is less than half your years away.

  40. Well you made it a half a century, that's got to count for something!! 

  41. 50 is a great achievement in ones life!  You should be very proud.

  42. Birthdays are so precious, and particularly your 50th!  So eat some cake and celebrate!

  43. Happy 50th birthday to someone who deserves to celebrate!

  44. Can you believe we made it to 50?  Who'd ever think!

  45. Fifty always seemed so far away, yet it's here already.  Shows how short life is.  So glad you've always made the best of it and have so much to look back on and smile. 

  46. Flirty at fifty seems like the way to be!  So get you're flirt on and get out there and live you're fifties!

  47. Beautiful at 50!  You still look as beautiful as the day we met!  Happy 50th.

  48. 50 years have gone by and you've survived every one of them with great stride!  You have so many wonderful memories to look back on and so many more memories to be made!

  49. Wow, 50 has finally caught up to you.  By looking at you the last 50 years, you wouldn't know it!  You just as strong and fierce as ever!

  50. You're 50 and loving it, or at least I hope!  This is a wonderful occasion and you should be living it up!

  51. What does turning 50 mean?  Well to me, it means you've lived 50 wonderful years with so many wonderful memories to look back at!  And it also means you have 50 wonderful years of guidance under you're belt.

  52. 60th Birthday Sayings

  53. Just because you’re birth certificate says you’re 60 does not mean you have to act it. Its your life, and its time you lived it like you’ve always wanted.

  54. Never count your years, only your friends, smiles and cheers!

  55. Make turning 60 be the best birthday you’ve ever had.

  56. You may be 60, but you don’t act a day over 35!!! Keep on feeling young.

  57. Life at 60 doesn’t have to mean anything. You make your 60th year what you want it to be!

  58. To be 60 years young means never admitting to being 60 years old.

  59. Its about time that we stop saying we are 60 years old and start living life like we are 60 years young.

  60. Age is only a number, and if you don’t feel your age, your number is not worth talking about.

  61. How wonderful it is that you are celebrating your 60th birthday!  Congratulations and may there be many more.

  62. Its hard to believe we've hit our sixties, but not hard to believe our friendship is still intact!  That was fate.

  63. How great is it to be turning 60 and to have so many great memories to share.  You've lived such a rich and full life and still have many more years to add to it!  Enjoy every moment.

  64. You're turning 60 and should be celebrating every moment of it!  You deserve all of this!

  65. Your sixties is a wonderful time in your life when you are free to do what you want when you want!  Don't forget that, especially as you celebrate.

  66. Life is a wonderful thing, and  you have 60 years of wonderful under your belt!  Congrats and have fun with the next years ahead.

  67. To some 60 seems old, but you are a true example of someone who is a young 60.  You're age may say 60 on your drivers license but to me and everyone else, you are young at heart.

  68. Sixty great years have now passed and you have nothing to regret.  What else can you ask for on your sixtieth birthday?

  69. Time to eat cake, be merry and maybe even have a drink or two.  And seeing that you're turning 60, you have a lot of celebrating to do.  Congratulations and happy birthday!

  70. You have hit another milestone to celebrate.  The big 60 is a wonderful time and you deserve to celebrate the way you want.  So sit back and take a load off, and let everyone wait on you hand and foot!

  71. What is it that they say, time flies when you're having fun?  Well you've just turned 60!  You must be having the time of your life!!!

  72. Different Ways To Say Happy Birthday:

  73. How Do You Say Happy Birthday in Spanish? 

    Feliz cumpleaños

  74. How Do You Say Happy Birthday in French?

  75. Bon anniversaire

  76. How Do You Say Happy Birthday in German?
    Alles Gute zum Geburtstag

  77. How Do You Say Happy Birthday in Italian?
    Buon compleanno

  78. How Do You Say Happy Birthday in Hawaiian
    Hauʻoli Lā Hānau

  79. How Do You Say Happy Birthday in Japanese?

  80. How Do You Say Happy Birthday in Chinese?

  81. How Do You Say Happy Birthday in Russian?
    с Днем рожденья

  82. How Do You Say Happy Birthday in Portuguese?
    feliz Aniversário

  83. How Do You Say Happy Birthday in Polish?
    Wszystkiego najlepszego

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